All-in-one patient financing platform


Jasper is an end-to-end payments and financing platform based in Brooklyn, NY. The goal of Jasper is to improve patient access via simplified payments and friendlier financing options. Patients can book appointments, view estimated prices, get pre-approved, automated bills, and more. Jasper offers a customized payment plan for every patient.


UX / UI Designer


2 months




Understanding the Problem

For this project, I worked alongside two other UX designers. We started by learning where Jasper's team was at currently and what needed to be addressed in the next 2 months. The project manager we collaborated with shared documents and research previously conducted about patients and office managers at dental offices. Jasper's team already has an MVP version of the product. Jasper was looking to launch a beta version and have several dental offices sign up for a test.


Design Audit

The team started with a preliminary audit of the existing designs and searched for areas of improvement. The goal of the audit was to see if both the UX and UI were clear to us as first time users. We wanted to see if any questions came up and find areas that were unclear, inconsistent, undiscoverable, or exhibited poor usability. Our questions during the audit included:

Despite the fact that Jasper possessed many of the core functionalities for the product, it still had room for improvement and streamlining. The interns and I set our focus on improving the UX and UI of the core features focusing on our two main personas - the patient and office manager.

Old Designs

I set out to redesign the provider dashboard. My main objectives were:


Redesigned Final Mocks

Below are examples of redesigns I was in charge of during the internship. I led the planning and implementation of the features.

Daily - Calendar Appointments

We updated the daily tab to include a calendar and slide out appointment request feature. The goal of the redesign was to create a single page that will show the office manager the most useful information for each day. We want the office manager to be able to take care of pending items all on one screen, and keep track of incoming patients.

  • New Appointments will include any pending appointment requests that come in. The office manager can confirm or reschedule appointments depending on availability.
  • Today's Appointments includes a running list of all appointments on that particular day. The day corresponds with the calendar. Today's appointment's cards will lead the office manager into each individual appointment details.

Confirm or Reschedule Appointment Flow

I updated the confirm and / or reschedule appointment screens. I borrowed the calendar framework from Material Design to help create the appointment flow.

  • The slideout component includes all details of the appointment and the action item.
  • The calendar shows the other appointments during that day.


I created a new section for payments, which is another important function for office managers. The goal of this page was to serve as a comprehensive data table of all pending payment requests that the office manager needed to take action on.

  • Views and filters allow the office manager to create views that are helpful and easy to access on a daily basis.
  • Each row item leads to the specific appointment each payment is associated with for further details.

Appointment Card

I made UI and information architecture updates to the appointment card to allow for better readability and component organization. The goal was to create a layout that was easier on the eye, consistent with other redesigned screens, and presented all the needed information.

  • The appointment card shows all necessary information tied to single appointment and allows the office manager to make updates and changes.
  • The payments block is an extension of the Payments screen. This shows the details for each individual payment type.


Data and Results

One of the constraints of the project was I did not have access to analytics or data. By the time the project was developed and launched in beta, my contract had already ended. In an ideal situation with access to analytics after the project, here are metrics I would consider:


Project Takeaways

This project was different than others given we were tasked to improve an existing product. The user research, user flows, and initial design implementation was already done. The Jasper team was already in contact with interested dental offices and had a solid understanding of what they were looking for. User research for me was more understanding the research already done and finding a way to use it in my designs.

This project also required me to ask the right questions when it came to elements in the design. I was there to adopt an objective perspective on the platform as someone seeing it the first time.

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